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Performance Management System

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Systems that facilitate the attainment of individual and corporate goals. Performance Management systems enable you to track and monitor the performance of individual employees, departments, and the organization overall. Shree HRMS have a very string PMS by which the organization can obtain their goals easily. These systems are often based on organizational and job specific competencies which need to be obtained for successful job performance. The components included in Performance Management systems include: 1. Lists of Accomplishments 2. Goals and Objectives 3. Results from 360-Degree Feedback Processes 4. Supervisor Ratings 5. Individual Development Plans At HR-Survey, we can combine each of these aspects into a single assessment tool administered at one time or administered over a period of weeks (or months). Effective Performance Management Systems: 6. Are fair, consistent, and reliable 7. Use established performance measures 8. Supported by managers and executives 9. Communicates performance expectations regularly 10. Hold employees accountable for their actions 11. Promotes continuous employee development 12. Are flexible and efficient 13. Aligns individual goals to the department and organization 14. Seek to maximize employee performance 15. Can be used for succession planning 16. Links performance to compensation, rewards, and recognition What are the responsibilities of the employees? 17. Seek constructive feedback from others 18. Engage in professional development activities 19. Keep track of their performance throughout the year 20. Conduct self-assessment 21. Participate in an Individual Development Plan 22. Develop effevtive and challenging goals What are the responsibilities of managers/supervisors? 23. Review the employee's performance in a timely manner 24. Hold employees accountable for completing the process on time 25. Provide feedback to the employee 26. Recognize employees for their contributions 27. Ensure rewards are fair Effective Goals are (SMART): 28. Specific 29. Measurable 30. Actionable 31. Realistic 32. Timely How are Performance Management Processes used?These processes are often administered on an annual basis. They can be administered as frequently as every 3 months (quarterly). The process is driven by documents such as Job Descriptions, position requirements, department goals and objectives. Performance measures such as units/costs/errors/productivity can be used for determining acceptable levels of job performance. These processes can be used to determine compensation such as bonus/merit pay, variable pay, and/or pay raises. These processes can be used to reward and recognize employees for outstanding job performance.

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